Magic Swim pools are a safe and comfortable way to enjoy swimming out in the ocean during your yachting experience. The pools provide protection from jellyfish and sea critters with tightly woven netting and provide an enclosed area to prevent family and guests from floating away in the current.

Magic Swim

Magic Swim was conceived for total relaxation of bathing with a maximum safety in open seas.

Unique Design

Magic Swim was designed with innovative materials, highly resistant and lightweight

Choice of Sizes

Magic Swim comes in four fixed sizes plus a custom size, conveniently packs in a bag after use

Why Choose Magic Swim

Magic Swim

Designed by naval engineer Paolino Napolitano, the Magic Swim is a pool float made from durable PVC, with a contained horizontal area that allows sea water to come in through mesh-covered holes

Easy To Assemble

Magic Swim weighs about 17 Kg’s on its own and connects to your boat via the peaks. Once attached, you can blow it up using the 12volt / 240 volt a or foot pump, which fills the insides up with air in about five minutes

Sturdy Platform

The bottom of the pool is a semi-rigid floating platform, allowing you to stand and walk around, turning the ocean into your personal jacuzzi.

Recent years have seen an increased incidents against swimmers, some which were fatal and it is not to overlook the massive presence in the surface of jellyfish. Due to this the idea was born by a naval engineer Mr.Paolino Napolitano to create a design in order to bring the fun back into swimming in open waters with safety.

Magic Swim is produced with innovative materials, highly resistant and lightweight. It follows from what is a small footprint and weighs between 17 and 20 kg’s for this reason Magic Swim can be easily placed in any type of locker but above all it is installed without any fatigue in about 5 minutes.

MAGIC SWIM consists of two main types of materials. MAGIC SWIM has 3 air chambers encased in a major frame ensuring maximum safety at all time. The submerged part is made in PVC MEASH (welded material) of 250 gr/mq to ensure water to enter and exit at the same time. Thanks to use welded PVC material and to the installation of some weights, suitably arranged on the bottom of the pool, it’s not necessary fill or empty it. Also thanks to the sea current inside MAGIC SWIM is always guaranteed a water exchange. MAGIC SWIM is given with a kit of variables floating tops that are different in diameter and color according to their function.

Magic Swim is connected to the boat by 4 peaks of which 2 are connected to the stern cleats and the rest to the retractor including in the provision of the pool they are inserted into rod holders which are to be purchased separately.

You can choose a variety of colours

  • Size Small – Blue
  • Size Large – Blue or Orange while stocks last
  • Size Large – Blue
  • Size XLarge – Blue
  • Size XXLarge – Blue
  • Size Customise – Blue

MAGIC SWIM comes in a bag that opens 270°. This allows the user to take it out and put it in very easily.
The sizes of the bags differs based on the size of the pool chosen. The sizes are: length 3.00/3,20 ft width 2,47 ft height 1.00 ft

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